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Medicinal signalling cell therapy Knee, Chennai, India

Medicinal signalling cell therapy Knee Chennai India.
Treatment for knee arthritis, ACL & meniscal injuries of knee, Hip AVN treatment India
Medicinal signalling cell therapy is an advanced treatment for Osteo-arthritis (OA) of the knee. Medicinal signalling cells were previously known as stem cells. This type of treatment is known as biological treatments since they don’t involve any metal implants.
Let’s look at some common conditions which can be treated with biological treatments.
OA is the commonest cause of knee pain.
The causes of OA knee are age, obesity, mal-alignment and previous injuries.
Cartilage, meniscal and ACL injuries can lead to OA knee. OA is characterized by pain, swelling, noise and decreased function. Patients with pain unrelieved by conservative measures may eventually need a knee replacement.
Certain cells & blood products in your body can relieve pain when injected.
These are medicinal signalling cells, platelet rich plasma & others.
Medicinal signalling cells are present in many tissues of your body. These include the bone marrow, fat, synovial fat, dental pulp, umbilical cord to name a few. They are also present in joints & organs. However they are not very active in adult joints. .
Platelet rich plasma ( PRP) is  derived from blood.
When Medicinal signalling cells and PRP are injected into a diseased joint, they stimulate the resident cells to initiate repair. They contain chemicals known as cytokines which can control inflammation thus producing pain relief. They also decrease bone marrow swelling limited cartilage repair, healing of menisci & ligaments.
The evidence for the effectiveness of these treatments is mounting. This is mainly in the form of decreased pain and increased function. Radiological evidence is also available.
See the MRI evidence of bone marrow lesion reduction in this video of my patient. From this video, you can also see that the patient had pain relief.
I also see the precursor of osteo-arthritis in young patients. These are known as cartilage lesions. They can develop after an injury, overuse or through wear and tear. Cartilage lesions can cause pain. They may lead to osteo-arthritis in the long run.
Cartilage lesions in young patients can be healed with a single stage cartilage repair.
In the Hip joint, Avascular necrosis and osteo-arthritis can be treated with cell therapy. In India, a
vascular necrosis (AVN) of the hip occurs frequently. It is a condition leading to bone and joint damage from diminished blood supply.
The knee, shoulder and other joints may also be rarely affected by avascular necrosis.
The causes are steroid intake, alcohol and blood disorders. Early cases of AVN can also be treated with medicinal signalling cells.
Sports injuries  involve ligament, tendon and menisci. These have a tremendous impact on the career of sportsmen. These same tissues can also repair torn ligaments, tendons, muscles, fractures and bone marrow. An example is repair of partial ACL tears. See this infogram

Let’s look at the evidence for these biological treatments.
1) Studies have shown that PRP can offer pain relief for up to six months in early stages of osteo-arthritis.
2) Medicinal signalling cells are more effective in advanced cases of osteo-arthritis. They offer longer pain relief.
I now have satisfied patients reporting pain relief for more than two years. I also have MRI evidence which demonstrates healing of bone marrow lesions.
Biological treatments carry very little risk. When I can extend the dateline for your primary joint replacement, this should postpone or avoid a revision replacement. The biggest advantage of biological treatments is that you can continue to use your own natural joints for some more time. 

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Which conditions are treatable by medicinal signalling cells in my practice?

Common degenerative conditions of knee, shoulder,hip, fracture non unions and soft tissue injuries can be treated with signaling cells and/or Platelet rich plasma (PRP).

How are they done?

The procedures are done under local anesthesia and are quite painless. I use ultrasound and/or fluoroscopic guidance. You can leave the operation theater soon after. The knife is not used. You don’t have to stay overnight in the hospital. Recovery is quick. See how it is done here .

What are the results?

Results are encouraging in knee osteo-arthritis. Now I have patients with more than two year follow up who are pain free and functional. You can see their latest stories in the blog.
Patients have got pain relief and are able to continue with their daily activities. See this playlist for patient testimonials 

Who are the right candidates for knee stem cell therapy in India?

  1. Young people with mild to moderate knee arthritis. In them it will alleviate their pain and postpone the need for replacement
  2. Patients not medically fit for knee replacement but still have some cartilage left.

Who is not suited for stem cell treatment of knee arthritis?

  1. Obese patients with BMI > 35.
  2. Uncontrolled inflammatory arthritis like Rheumatoid arthritis and sero-negative arthritis. You may consult your rheumatologist for the management. For advanced cases, I offer joint replacements. See my website
  3. Young patients with post-traumatic arthritis and gross deformities.
  4. Generally associated deformities like bow legs, knock knees and shortening cannot be corrected and need corrective surgery like an osteotomy. To know more about this visit

Although patients with knee OA are most common, others with AVN hip, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, foot conditions and fracture non unions also seek help.

About Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam


Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam FRCS, M.Ch Orth, DNB Orth, MS Orth is an UK board certified orthopaedic surgeon.

He pioneered microfracture of knee in Chennai in 2004 . This procedure is recognized as a first generation stem cell procedure. He has undergone training for cartilage repair in the US. He is a member of the International cartilage repair society (ICRS). He has done signaling cell & PRP procedures for hip, knee & shoulder. Our procedures are done only in Chennai after thorough clinical and radiological evaluation and not done anywhere else in India.


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