Stem cell shoulder treatment India

Stem cell shoulder treatment India

Stem cell shoulder treatment India. This patient had shoulder arthritis and needed a shoulder replacement. As he is young, a total shoulder replacement would have been drastic. A bone preserving shoulder resurfacing was preferred. A weak link in shoulder replacements/ resurfacing is plastic wear from the socket. The plastic component used on the socket side is the usual cause of failure in a shoulder replacement. Hence it was decided to resurface the socket side with a stem cell technique. Stem cells were harvested from the bone marrow and processed into a glue. This stem cell glue was pasted on the glenoid and it set in ten minutes. The ball was resurfaced with a metal prosthesis.
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Platelet rich Plasma treatment shoulder India

Platelet rich Plasma treatment Shoulder India

Many shoulder conditions can now be effectively dealt with by Platelet rich plasma and stem cell injections. Labral tears, rotator cuff tears, AC joint arthritis, gleno-humeral arthritis can be treated in this manner. I have experience of treating some of these conditions. See how a young man responded to platelet rich plasma injection of his left acromio-clavicular joint. He obtained immediate pain relief. E mail for an appointment.