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Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam in the news on stem cell therapy knee

Dr A.K.Venkatachalam in the news. Listen to a discussion on stem cell therapy knee India by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam. This is an emerging branch of medicine. It promises to restore damaged joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments to previously normal state. If you want a biological treatment with stem cells for yourself or your close ones, kindly e mail

Stem cell shoulder treatment India

Stem cell shoulder treatment India

Stem cell shoulder treatment India. This patient had shoulder arthritis and needed a shoulder replacement. As he is young, a total shoulder replacement would have been drastic. A bone preserving shoulder resurfacing was preferred. A weak link in shoulder replacements/ resurfacing is plastic wear from the socket. The plastic component used on the socket side is the usual cause of failure in a shoulder replacement. Hence it was decided to resurface the socket side with a stem cell technique. Stem cells were harvested from the bone marrow and processed into a glue. This stem cell glue was pasted on the glenoid and it set in ten minutes. The ball was resurfaced with a metal prosthesis.
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Medicinal signaling cell treatment India relieves knee pain in elderly

Medicinal signaling cell treatment India relieves knee pain in octogenarian. This gentleman was suffering from osteo-arthritis of both knees for several years. He had taken native medicines with no relief. He had undergone a previoius angioplasty which made him fear a knee replacement. His daughter saw a previous press release by Dr.Venkatachalam and encouraged her father to consult this doctor. He was satisfied with the explanation and underwent this procedure in early August 2016. See how this octogenarian got relief in both knees although he underwent the procedure only in the left knee. He got a bonus. Signaling cell treatment is pretty safe in elderly patients. The patient can go home the same day and remain with their family. There is no anesthesia, cutting, bleeding etc. Most importantly, there are no reported adverse effects like heart attack, infection etc. Hence these can be considered as safe knee replacement alternative. For knee replacements in India, please see

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Tips for successful signaling cell treatment India

Tips for successful signaling cell treatment India. Many elderly patients are now presenting for signaling cell treatment India instead of knee replacement. This procedure also needs proper pre and post procedural care. The goal is to ensure a successful outcome to preserve your hard earned money. We should try to avoid complications like bleeding, infection and get a good result.

1. Stop Ecosporin and Clopidopril one week before your treatment in consultation with your cardiologist.
2. If you are diabetic, get it under control as elevated blood sugar levels are not conducive to signaling cell treatment.
3. Lower your food intake by 20% particularly your carbohydrate intake forty eight hours before the procedure.
4.On the day of the procedure, you should not eat any thing but you can have fluids.
5. Pre-operative investigations are essential.



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Stem cell treatment OA knees, patient testimonial

Mr.Saeed Albadawi from Saudi Arabia got stem cell treatment  OA knees in my practice the day before yesterday morning. ( 5th May, 2016).
He has this to say this evening (7th May 2016) :
“My dear friend Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam
My dear friend, Dr. I would like to express to you my thanks and appreciation of what you’ve done toward me from the services and make stem cells process the knees and I would like to tell you that my case at the moment is good Dear Sir Thanks again You Greetings and appreciation
your friend
Saeed Albadawi ”

Stem cell treatment OA knees

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